Ethical PR – the only way is NGO… Or is it?

Some time ago, I witnessed an extremely interesting class debate, entitled:

The only way to practice ethical PR is to work in the not for profit sector; everything else is just corporate, political or consumer propaganda.

Interestingly, it is the people who opposed the notion that won massively. My classmates made a lot of valid points, but what interested me most about what they were saying was a big discrepancy both about public perceptions of PR and the reality of the profession, as well as about the inherent nature of NGO communications and their relation to “ethics”.

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Importance of purpose for brands – why it matters more than a 1000 words…

What makes a great brand? Why is it that some of them are immensely successful and are always talked about and some are just… forgotten, or generally ignored? Why do we love some brands and what makes us want to engage with this brand over another?  The partial answer is: they have a clear purpose and mission! A couple of weeks ago in the Brand Communications module class, we touched upon the importance of  the model called “the brand onion” and how it can help brands build their reputation and image in the eyes of consumers. In this post, I would like to explore what brand purpose means and why I think it is immensely important for any brand.

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Music Moguls – a PR masterclass

After having seen an excellent BBC documentary Music Moguls: Masters of Pop, I understood what different roles PR could play in society. I also realised how misunderstood the profession could sometimes be (I definitely do not agree with the comment that PR is ultimately about “telling lies for a living”. It’s much more complex that that, no lies involved). However, the documentary presented me with a well-rounded image of PR in the music industry and took me all the way back to the 60s, where Britain’s music PR story begins…

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Pret’s loyalty campaign – a new way to enhance customer attachment

Pret a Manger has recently embarked on a new loyalty scheme, which does not resemble the traditional methods of encouraging customers to come back and collect points while shopping with a shop/chain store. This limited, yet very effective campaign has made me think about what we covered in Brand Communications class a couple of weeks ago – the role of emotions in Public Relations and how brands could utilise them to reach their audiences.

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Apple’s privacy debate – a PR triumph?

On 16th February, California magistrate ordered Apple to give a helping hand to FBI in cracking open the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino’s shooters from last year. The steps that followed have sparked a major debate about privacy and have shifted the public focus on the company. The question is – is PR a part of these events as well?

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