Mumbai Police – the New Twitter Masters?

Mumbai Police are reinventing their social media rhetoric – and seeing what they have come up with couldn’t be more fun, entertaining and informative. @MumbaiPolice and @CPMumbaiPolice have only joined Twitter in December, but are already very active and innovative.

What is especially interesting about the campaign is the clever and fun use of emojis, cute and simple pictures and pop-culture references, as well as catchy soundbites and general upbeat tone of the tweets. They also draw upon ‘Be Like Bill memes and create a relevant context for their activties. They address a wide variety of issues: cybercrime, street crime, bullying, women’s online safety, drugs and many more. Mumbai Police already have close to 40,000 followers and counting. Both accounts target social and safety issues in a directed, clever and thought-through manner.

In the city of Mumbai, crime is not uncommon. To make matters worse, many believe the police are unapprachable, which leads to many crimes being unreported, untackled, and – as a result – unresolved. The Twitter offensive is supposed to change things. By taking a stand on vital issues and posting simple, informative tweets, they want to become more approachable, understandable and effective in discouraging crime and raising audience awareness.

For the first three months, the Twitter accounts are being handled by a Mumbai-based digital agency Trivone. This very agence is also training police officers in terms of Twitter-how to use it most efficiently and how to reach their target audience, as well as how to uphold the rising interest in Mumbai Police Tweets.

Check out a couple of fun posts below.


AdWeek, Mumbai Police Just Started Using Twitter, and They’re Already Masters at It Finally, a practical use for ‘Be Like Bill’

Mashable, Mumbai Police is winning hearts with its witty tweets


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